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DC Safe Money Solutions specializes in retirement and asset protection through annuities. Dave Cornish, the president, has been a licensed insurance agent since 1975. Dave helps clients grow their money with guaranteed safety


Some annuities are designed for “growth and accumulation.” You can take out withdrawals to supplement your income or let it grow into a larger death benefit for your loved ones.


Other annuities are designed to provide “lifetime income.” You and your spouse (if married) can receive a guaranteed income stream as long as you’re alive. These are very popular since most people today do not have a pension.


There are dozens of insurance companies selling dozens of different versions of these annuities. Dave works with most of these companies (not just one) and can guide you through the maze.

It’s a great feeling to give people peace of mind about their retirement. No more losing sleep about the next market drop wiping out half their savings. No more worrying about living a long life and running out of money. The two most comforting words regarding your nest egg are Safe and Guaranteed.


As everybody is unique, so are their retirement needs and goals. Annuities are not all the same either. There is no “one size fits all.” Depending on your situation, some annuities are better than others. You need someone that lives and breathes annuities and knows the nuances of each contract. With access to just about every annuity in the market, Dave will find the ones that best suit your needs. He’ll also tell you if an annuity isn’t right for you.


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Dave Cornish

DC Safe Money Solutions

Orland Park, Illinois 60467


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